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Ann Hebert Net Worth (In 2022: Can You Guess)

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Ann Hebert Net Worth

Ann Hebert is Nike’s former Vice President and General Manager for North America. 

She served the world’s best athletic shoes and sportswear supplier in different capacities for over 25 years.

As the North American VP and GM, Ann earned an estimated annual income of around $519,000 per annum and relished many additional perks. 

Serving Nike in Executive positions for over two decades, it is estimated that she has amassed a wealth of around $11 million.

Net Worth$11,000,000
Born InN/A
ProfessionCorporate Executive

Professional Career

An alumna of Ohio University, Ann Hebert graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 1992 and began her journey at Nike in 1995 as a Sales Representative. 

She served in various sales-related roles before earning a promotion to sales management in 2000. 

In 2006, Ann became Senior Director of Sales of US Women’s NSW Footwear and Senior Director of Equipment Merchandising a year later. 

Next up, Ann became Global Senior Director of Sales – Football, Baseball, and Men’s Training and was appointed as the Vice President of Sales North America in 2012. 

Two years later, she took charge as the Vice President & General Manager of Global Nike Stores and became VP/GM of the Asia Pacific & Latin America in 2014. 

Ann earned her promotion to VP of Global Sales in 2018 and stepped into the shoes of the VP/GM North America in 2020.

During her tenure with Nike, Ann demonstrated incredible leadership skills as a strategic leader skilled in empowering teams and accelerating progress. 

Equipped with a growth mindset and success-driven vision, she played an instrumental role in triggering process improvements and served as a mentor and coach to many.

Ann Hebert’s Controversies

Ann Hebert became a center of controversy in 2021, which ultimately led to Ann Hebert’s resignation on March 1, 2021. 

According to a Bloomberg report, her 19-year-old son, Joe Hebert, used Ann’s name and credit card to buy sneakers and sell them in the market for profit. 

As per the report, Joe had spent over $100,000 on Ann’s credit to buy limited-edition sneakers at discounted rates. 

He had been running a retail business under the name West Coast Streetwear since 2018 and had a team of 10+ employees. 

As per Joe’s claim, he bought $132,000 worth of limited-edition Yeezy Boost 350 Zyon sneakers and then flipped them for a $20,000 profit.  

As the controversies linked with West Coast Streetwear surfaced online, Ann Hebert decided to leave Nike after a two-and-a-half-decade of services. However, the links between Ann and her son-led business are still vague.

Before the reports about her son’s retail business surfaced online, Ann Hebert had enjoyed high status at Nike, recognized as the brand’s leading strategic visionary.  

Ties With West Coast Streetwear

Ann Hebert left Nike after 25 years of service amid the news of her son’s sneakers retail business surfaced online. 

According to her son Joe Hebert, he has been making profits of around $600,000 a month through West Coast Streetwear. 

Now, aged 20, Joe had access to Nike’s limited edition shoes and apparel from an early age. 

Bought at discounted rates, he began to flip the products to make quick bucks and ultimately turned the gig into a full-flash, licensed business. 

According to the reports, Ann Hebert disclosed ties with West Coast Streetwear in 2018. 

Yet still, the brand turned a blind eye to her involvement in the retail business. 

Many Nike employees had outraged over the brand’s accountability and double standards.

As it goes, employee ties in similar activities weren’t treated kindly by the brand, and similar links had even led to the termination of lower-level employees.

In the past, Nike has prosecuted employees who had a hand in dubious marketing schemes and retail businesses. 

Most notably, a former designer Errol Andam, accused of defrauding the brand for $1.4 million, and Kyle Yamaguchi, who stole 600+ sneakers and sold them independently for as much as $20,000 a pair.

Personal Life 

Former Nike Vice President, Ann Hebert, is married to Pascal Hebert. 

Ann Hebert is an American National. 

She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family. 

Ann is rumored to be a Virgo and is 5 feet 8 inches tall. 

Furthermore, she weighs 68 KG and is a Roman Catholic Christian.


So there you have it folks!

Ann was a corporate executive at the world-famous athletic footwear and apparel brand and enjoyed many employee-only benefits. 

Over her successful career at Nike, Ann Hebert amassed an estimated wealth of $11 million.

Good luck with your research now that you know how much Ann Hebert is worth!

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