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Bobby Brown Net Worth (In 2022: Can You Guess)

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Bobby Brown Net Worth

Bobby Brown is an R&B singer best known for his work with New Edition, his solo career, and his marriage to Whitney Houston. 

Brown popularized the new jack swing, which blends R&B and hip hop, and reached pop audiences with his groundbreaking album Don’t Be Cruel. 

As of the writing of this post, he has a net worth of $2 million, most of which was earned from his music career. 

Net Worth$2,000,000
DOBFebruary 5, 1969
Born InUnited States
ProfessionProfessional Singer

Early Life

Rober Barisford Brown, known as Bobby Brown, was born on February 5th 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts. 

One of eight children, Brown’s mother was a substitute teacher and his father was a construction worker. 

The family lived in Roxbury’s Orchard Park Projects, a neighborhood troubled by violence and poverty. 

Brown was deeply affected by poverty and the violence around him. 

As a child, he and his friends shoplifted. 

At the age of eleven, one of his friends was stabbed to death. 

Brown’s interest in music, which he had cultivated from an early age, uplifted him and gave him a thirst for success. 

At the age of three, Brown watched James Brown perform onstage and immediately decided to become a performer. 

He developed his singing voice in a local church choir and was quickly recognized for his talent. 

Brown started singing with two of his friends, Michael Bivins and Ricky Bell, in 1978. 

After Ralph Tresvant and Ronnie DeVoe joined, the group became New Edition and was signed by Maurice Starr with Streetwise. 

Brown was only 12 when the group formed and already on the way to becoming a successful R&B singer. 

Early Career

Under Starr’s management, New Edition developed their style. 

They were influenced by the Jackson 5, Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Rick James. 

Stylistically, New Edition laid the groundwork for the fusion of R&B and Hip Hop that came to be known as new jack swing. 

The title track of their first album, Candy Girl, became a top 20 hit on Billboard’s R&B singles chart in 1983. 

Following their early success, the group fired Starr and signed with MCA. 

In 1984, their song “Cool it Now” became a Top 5 hit, their biggest pop hit to date. 

When “Mr. Telephone Man” topped the R&B charts shortly afterward, New Edition had officially reached teen idol status. 

Yet despite their success, Brown himself was far from content. 

He famously stated that “the most I saw from all the tours and all the records we sold was $500 and a VCR.” 

He felt that MCA’s management exploited the group for their own financial gain. 

Brown had also grown jealous of Tresvant and would often hijack group performances to gain more attention for himself. 

In 1986, Brown left New Edition to pursue a solo career and greater financial success. 

Solo Career

Brown’s first solo album, King of Stage, produced one chart-topping hit with the song “Girlfriend” but otherwise failed to make his name as a pop star. 

Brown realized that if he wanted to reach his dreams of artistic and financial access, he would have to change his approach. 

Throughout 1987, Brown stayed out of the spotlight and worked on his next album. 

He sought help from some of the top R&B producers of the day, including Teddy Riley, Babyface, and L.A Reid. 

Together, they created the album Don’t Be Cruel, which skyrocketed him to success. 

Don’t Be Cruel produced five top-ten hits on Billboard’s Top 100. 

The song “My Prerogative,” which Brown wrote himself, became a number one single and one of Brown’s best-known songs, along with “Every Little Step” and “Don’t Be Cruel.” 

Brown embarked on a tour that lasted into 1991, with New Edition opening some shows for him. 

The album eventually sold 7 million copies, won him a Grammy Award, two American Music awards, a Soul Train Music Award, and more.

After writing a theme song for Ghostbusters II and collaborating with Babyface and Glenn Medeiros, Brown released the album Bobby in 1992. 

The singles “Humpin’ Around” and “Something in Common” topped the pop and R&B charts once again, and the album sold around 2 million copies. 

Brown later started an acting career, appearing in several movies such as Panther and A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. 

He also starred in a reality t.v series featuring his marriage to Whitney Houston, but the show was deemed a disaster and Houston refused to appear after one season. 

Personal Life

Bobby Brown’s personal life is most notable for his tumultuous marriage to Whitney Houston. 

The two married in 1992, shortly before Bobby was released, and had their daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, in 1993. 

Houston sang on “Something in Common,” but otherwise the couple was mostly known for their marital troubles and continuously headlined in tabloids throughout the 90s and early 2000s. 

After their divorce in 2007, Houston told Oprah Winfrey that Brown had been abusive to her and confirmed rumors that the couple took drugs together. 

During their marriage, Brown was charged with battery for hitting Houston, as well as drunk driving. 

Brown became known as a notorious womanizer and claimed that he had slept with “thousands” of women. 

He is the father of seven children by Melika Williams, Kim Ward, Whitney Houston, and Alicia Etheredge and has been given multiple jail sentences for unpaid child support. 

He is currently married to Alicia Etheredge, with whom he has a son and two daughters. 

Source of Income

Some sources claim that Brown’s current net worth comes from his association with Whitney Houston. 

While it is true that Houston’s wealth was temporarily passed to Brown following Bobbi Kristina’s death, Houston’s family now controls her estate. 

The vast majority of Brown’s income comes from his singing career. 

His top albums, Don’t Be Cruel and Bobby earned him significant revenue from record sales and royalties. 

He also earned substantial amounts from live performances, both solo and on reunion tours with New Edition. 


So there you have it folks!

Bobby Brown is an R&B signer mainly known for his work with New Edition, his solo career, but most importantly, his marriage to Whitney Houston.

Over the course of this career, Brown amassed his wealth and fortune primarily coming from his singing career.

Although his union with Whitney Houston impacted his wealth, the vast portion of his net worth comes from his own professional accomplishments.

Now that you know what Bobby Brown’s net worth is, good luck with your research!

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