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Davante Adams Net Worth (In 2022: Can You Guess)

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Davante Adams Net Worth

Davante Adams is a well-known football player who played for Fresno State until 2014 when he was drafted during the second round of the NFL draft by the Green Bay Packers.

He amassed an impressive fortune at a young age in excess of $25 million.

Keep reading as I have all the scoops on Davante Adams and how he acquired his net worth.

Net Worth$25,000,000
DOBDecember 24, 1992
Born InUnited States
ProfessionFootball Player

Early Life

Born on December 24th, 1992, to Pamela Brown and Douglas Adams, nobody knew quite how successful of a life he would eventually be able to lead. 

He attended Palo Alto High School in California. 

During his senior year of high school, he played for the Vikings and his talent allowed him to lead the team to the California Interscholastic Federation championship. 

Just to put his talent in perspective, Davante scored 12 touchdowns and gained 1,094 yards. 

While he’s good on the offensive, he’s also a strong defender with 44 tackles.

His talent doesn’t end there, however, as he also played basketball and had an average of 9.0 points during his senior year. 

Seeing that he was also capable of playing a team game through his averages of 5.8 rebounds and 5.4 assists, it’s no surprise that he managed to draw attention to himself.

It’s hard to ignore someone who performs so well on a consistent basis, so the fact that he was being recruited by multiple national teams seems pretty well-deserved. 

The national teams that wanted to add his talents to their roster included California, Fresno State, San Diego State, and Hawaii. 

With all this interest in him as a player, Adams eventually decided to play with Fresno State.


When it came time for the draft, Adams was the 53rd pick overall in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. 

That year, there were nine wide receivers drafted and he was fortunate enough to be one of them. 

Come the middle of June that same year, he signed his contract to officially become a Green Bay Packer. 

Over the next several years, Adams became an increasingly valuable member of the team as he continued to help the team reach victory. 

He earned the title of Pro Bowl for the fifth consecutive time in December of 2021. 

The following week, he was able to break his record. 

He went on to break the record of yards rushed for the Packers in a single season at 1,553 yards. 

That being said, it’s not surprising that he was selected for the second consecutive season by the 2021 All-Pro Team.

Personal Life

Adams had the privilege of marrying his long-time girlfriend after a breathtaking proposal that he surprised her with in the Bahamas. 

After they got married, they honeymooned in Santorini. They had their first child, a baby girl in September of 2019.

How He Made His Money

In 2017, Adams was chosen for the Pro Bowl. 

Green Bay Packers Contract

Later that year, he signed a contract for four years with the Green Bay Packers that was worth $58 million

Playing entirely for the Green Bay Packers since 2018, he has been able to bring his net worth up to somewhere are $25 million.

In the middle of 2021, Adams was making it clear that he sincerely believes that he deserves to be the wide receiver in the NFL with the highest pay. 

Unfortunately for the Green Bay Packers, that means that he has done the work of doubling down on the demands within his contract. 

Adams knows better than to take less than what he’s worth and it sounds like he has truly done the work to figure out how much that worth of his really is.

This put pressure on the Packers as Adams made it clear that he wanted more pay before the next offseason or he would take his talents away from the Packers entirely and choose to play for another team. 

Although his demands to be the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL may seem gusty and outlandish, he truly does deserve it. 

This is not just another case of hubris.

Best Performing Wide Receiver

In 2020, Adams was the best-performing wide receiver and the proof is in the numbers. 

With 1,374 receiving yards under his belt, 18 touchdowns, and 115 catches, he achieved incredible numbers despite the fact that he missed two entire games during the season. 

He was able to achieve a league-high average of 98.1 receiving yards per game. 

He is also a reliable player. 

Out of 149 targets, he had only one drop in the incredible 2020 season. 

His route-running and quick release method from the line of scrimmage are what help him set these records and continue to play so well on a consistent basis.

Young And Talented

Adams is also very young which makes him valuable as well being that he is in the prime of his career. 

People were patiently waiting for Green Bay to make a decision on whether or not they would pay Adams more, giving him the money that he deserves. 

Some may say that there isn’t much that Davante Adams cannot do on the football field. 

I don’t know about you, but that reason alone seems like a pretty good one for him to think that he deserves more money. 

Raiders Contract

Unfortunately, the Packers were not able to rise to the occasion and wound up losing Adams. 

Green Bay got a 2022 first-round pick that was 22nd overall and a 2022 second-round pick that was 53rd overall, but they lost Adams to the Raiders after eight seasons.

With the Raiders, Adams was able to sign on for a five-year contract worth $140 million and he got what he wanted as now, he is the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL.


So there you have it folks!

Davante Adams is a talented football player and he has acquired an impressive net worth of over $25 million in his short career so far.

However, having signed a $140 million contract with the Raiders, it’s safe to say that his net worth will continue to increase over time.

Now that you know how much Davante Adams is worth, good luck with your research!

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