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Mikaela Shiffrin Net Worth (In 2022: You Must Know)

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Mikaela Shiffrin Net Worth

Mikaela Shiffrin’s net worth of $4,000,000.

Mikaela has amassed her wealth as an alpine ski racer having won the Overall World Cup and being the youngest slalom champion in Olympic history.

Both of her parents are also ski racers.

Mikaela Shiffrin’s Net Worth Summary

Net Worth$4,000,000
Date of BirthMarch 13, 1995
Net Worth SourceSki racing, sponsorships, partnerships
ProfessionProfessional skier
Income per year$500,000 US
Income per month$41,666 US
Income per week$9,615 US
Income per day$1,369 US
Income per hour$57.07 US
Income per minute$0.95 US
Income per second$0.015 US
Height5 feet 7 inches

About Mikaela Shiffrin And Net Worth

Now that you know how much Mikaela Shiffrin is worth, let’s get to know her some more.

Who Is Mikaela Shiffrin

Mikaela Pauline Shiffrin was born on March 13, 1995 in Vail, Colorado.

She is currently 27 years old.

Mikaela Shiffrin was born into a family of skiers where both her parents were professional ski racers.

Mikaela Shiffrin a professional ski racer having amassed an important net worth through her success in ski tournaments and Olympic games.

Mikaela Shiffrin Ski Racing Career

At a very young age, Shiffrin started earning impressive achievements.

At the age of 15, she was already showing great signs of success by winning competitions and rising in the ranks.

She became the youngest American skier to win a national alpine crown at the age of 16 effectively putting her on the world center stage.

Shiffrin has eleven World Cup seans titles, four slalom championship titles in the World Championship, along with one from the super-G event in 2019.

Mikaela Shiffrin Achievements

Shiffrin is a successful alpine skier having achieved many things in her career and at a young age.

She has collected trophies and awards numerous times.

Here are some of Mikaela Shiffrin’s achievements:

  • Gоld mеdаl іn 2013 (Ѕсhlаdmіng)
  • Gоld mеdаl іn 2014 (Ѕосhі Оlуmрісѕ)
  • Gоld mеdаl іn 2015 (Веаvеr Сrееk)
  • Gоld mеdаl іn 2017 (Ѕt. Моrіtz)
  • Gоld mеdаl іn 2018 (Руеоngсhаng)
  • Ѕіlvеr mеdаl іn 2018 (Руеоngсhаng)

Mikaela Shiffrin Source of Income

Mikaela Shiffrin has earned her wealth as a professional skier by winning different types of championships.

She has also become a brand ambassador working with Addidas starting 2019 along with other brands such as Visa, Bose Audio, IKON Pass, Barilla, Land Rover, Grubhub, and others.

Most of Mikaela Shiffrin’s earnings come from her ski racing activities although she is starting to earn more money through other channels such as sponsorship contracts and other partnerships.

Mikaela Shiffrin Annual Income

How much money does Mikaela Shiffrin make?

It is estimated that, as of this moment, Shiffrin earns approximately $500,000 per year.

Her annual income can be presented in the following manner:

  • $500,000 per year
  • $41,666 dollar per month
  • $9,615 dollar per week
  • $1,369 dollar per day 
  • $0.95 dollar per minute
  • $0.015 cents per second

What Is Mikaela Shiffrin’s Net Worth Takeaways 

So there you have it folks!

How much is Mikaela Shiffrin worth?

Mikaela Shiffrin Net Worth: 


Mikaela Shiffrin is a decorated athlete and Olympian having a net worth of $4,000,000 as of the writing of this post.

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