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Mike Lindell Net Worth (In 2022: Can You Guess)

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Mike Lindell Net Worth

Mike Lindell is a 60-year-old entrepreneur and the CEO of MyPillow Inc. 

Lindell founded the Mypillow company in 2004. 

His current net worth is around $50 million with a mansion, many properties, stocks, and luxury cars under his possession.

Mike Lindell was formerly a drug addict who was able to turn his life around and amass an astonishing wealth.

In recent years, however, Lindell has lost some of his fortunes in political controversies related to Donald Trump.

Net Worth$50,000,000
DOBJun 28, 1961
Born InUnited States

Early life

Mike Lindell was born on June 28, 1961, in Mankato, Minnesota. 

He was raised in the small cities of Chaska and Carver, Minnesota. 

Mark Lindell became a gambler in his teenage years. 

His bad habits started with gambling and led to crack cocaine addiction.

Nonetheless, he completed his high school degree and went to the University of Minnesota. 

He ultimately dropped out after a few months. 

His drug addiction had taken a toll on his life. 

He incurred a lot of debt and started having health issues. 

He suffered a severe financial crisis and after 20 years of marriage, he got divorced. 

Soon after he went into rehabilitation and started collecting himself. 

In 2004, he started his venture named MyPillow Inc. and from there on he reached new heights of financial success.


While at university, Lindell worked two jobs which he continued after dropping out. 

One of the two jobs was at a grocery store from where he was fired. 

It was at that instance that he decided to become an entrepreneur wanting to be his boss. 

From there on he kept switching jobs and kept thinking about a profitable venture that he could start. 

It was after many jobs and failed business ideas that he one day dreamt of a pillow that did not lose its shape. 

After that, he along with his son started manufacturing pillows. 

They gathered all the necessary raw materials and started manufacturing. With dozens of manufactured pillows, he had no customers or vendors who would buy his pillows. 

He finally set up a kiosk in a mall where he was able to sell only 80 pillows.

One of his buyers was a local home show owner in Minneapolis. 

He invited Lindell to one of his shows and from there on Lindell’s business grew. 

With annual revenue of $300 million, Lindell was able to purchase many assets including his mansion, a few more properties, and luxury cars. 

His net worth climbed to around $220 million at some point in his career. 

MyPillow is the main source of income for Lindell, however, he also owns non-profit organizations to support and rehabilitate drug addicts.

Personal Life

Lidell is known to be married twice. 

The first marriage lasted for 20 years. 

He had a turbulent married life with his first wife because of drug addiction so his wife divorced him. 

He had four children from his first marriage. 

His second wife left him for distancing her from her family by bringing her to a city far from her hometown. 

She also believed there was no chemistry between the two so she left. 

Lindell’s second marriage lasted only for 2 weeks.

Political Affiliation

Lindell met Trump in 2016 when the latter was a Republican president. 

From there on he started liking Trump and bonded with him strongly. 

He believed and stated that Trump was one of the best presidents that the US. 

His strong support of Trump led him to become a member of the Republican Governor Association. 

He attended many events at the White House in Trump’s era which further strengthened his political affiliation and backed him with strong governmental support. 

However, when Trump lost the elections Lindell still did not leave his side and provided extended support by initiating pro-Trump campaigns and blaming the election commission and voting system manufacturers.

Political Controversies

After Donald Trump lost the presidential election against Joe Biden in 2020, Lindell being a close ally of Trump started a campaign against unfair electronic voting. 

He claimed that foreign hackers turned the election results against Trump by adding more votes for Biden. 

He spent $25 million of his personal money to support his campaign against electoral fraud. 

His false accusations were backed by no evidence. 

However, Dominion, the manufacturer of the electronic voting system, filed a lawsuit against Lindell, worth $1.3 billion. 

Lindell was asked to apologize publicly for his allegations but he refused and faced the lawsuit. 

Moreover, anti-Trump and pro-Biden voters came to support their president and threatened the retailers who sold out Lindell’s MyPillow products. 

Due to continued threats and havoc, the retailers like Kohl and Bed Bath & Beyond refused to keep pillows of MyPillow, according to Lindell. 

However, according to the retailers, it was the poor quality of the products that was leading to company loss hence the pillows had to be taken off the shelves. 

With constant complaints about the scam of MyPillow Inc.’s products, the Better Business Bureau revoked the accreditation of Lindell’s company to an ‘F’. 

MyPillow also had allegedly scammed its customers with a buy-one-get-one-free offer throughout the year which was later discovered to be the original prices of the pillows and that nothing was being offered for free. 

MyPillow is the only source of income for Lindell resulting in important financial losses for Lindell.

Lindell during Trump’s tenure started his political career and became a member of the Republican Governor Association. 

However, because he campaigned against Joe Biden, he was turned down from attending an RGA event as he no longer remained a member.

Covid-19 Controversies

Just recently, Lindell got into further trouble after he allegedly promoted the toxic plant extract Oleandrin as the cure for Covid-19. 

It appears that without having any medical background or training Lindell went on to claim the toxic plant extract was the cure to the pandemic. 

Lindell is one of the board members of Phoenix Biotechnology, a company that makes the chemical Oleandrin. 

He further appears to have misled the audience during a television transmission that this drug has been tested and works like a miracle on patients suffering from Covid-19. 

Medical experts have denied his claims. 

Experts indicate that Oleandrin is poisonous at low levels. 


So there you have it folks!

Mike Lindell is a self-made entrepreneur without any external support. 

Over the years, Lindell has amassed an astonishing wealth through his company MyPillow.

At the height of his career, Lindell was worth approximately $220 million.

As of the writing of this post, Lindell still has a high net worth of approximately $50 million.

Although he is in the middle of many controversies resulting in significant financial losses to Lindell, let’s see if his entrepreneurial spirit will help him pull through this episode of his life.

Now that you know how much Mike Lindell is worth, good luck with your research!

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