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Paul Graham Net Worth (In 2022: Can You Guess)

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Paul Graham Net Worth

Paul Graham is an entrepreneur and computer scientist who has made a big name in the programming world. 

As of the writing of this post, Paul Graham’s net worth is $50 million

He is famous for the programming language “LISP” that he developed and had worked for many years at Yahoo. 

He is also known for co-founding the startup accelerator and seed capital firm Y Combinator, writes for the Hacker News, has blogs, and is the author of programming books like “LIPS”, “ANSI Common Lips”, and “Hacker and Painters”. 

Paul Graham is known as the “Hacker Philosopher”, name given to him by technology journalist Steven Levy. 

Net Worth$50,000,000
DOBNov 13, 1964
Born InEngland
ProfessionComputer Scientist

About Paul Graham’s Net Worth

Graham explains in his writings that the sole reason behind his success and wealth is hard work. 

He states that hard work is a must no matter what you want to achieve in your life. 

Graham further explained that there are three ingredients of hard work “Natural ability, practice, and effort”. 

For best results, a person needs all three of them.

According to Paul Grahame, he stopped watching TV at the age of 13. 

He states that when he was a child his whole family used to watch TV after dinner time but he soon realized that to achieve his goals he cannot waste his time watching TV. 

He started working hard at that young age although at that time he wasn’t sure what his goals were. 

However, he remained curious. 

His hard work and success have benefited many others in Silicon Valley as Y Combinator has been a great support for startups. 

His organization has helped many hardworking people to showcase their talent to the world.

Early Life

Paul Graham was born in Weymouth, Dorset, England on November 13, 1964.

However, he only spent four years of his childhood in England as his family moved to the United States in 1968. 

Paul went to Gateway High School and soon he realized his love for mathematics and science there. 

Paul’s father was a nuclear scientist so we can say that his love for science and mathematics was in his genes.

After that, Paul Graham got admission to Cornell University and graduated from there in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. 

In 1988 he completed his Master of Science from Harvard University. 

He didn’t stop there.

Paul moved on to obtain his Doctorate of Philosophy. 

Science was not his only passion, he had an interest in arts as well. 

He became a student of painting at Rhode Island School of Design. 

He also studied art at Academia di Belle Arti in Florence. 


Paul Graham’s net worth is amassed through hard work in his career. 


The starting point of his programming career was when he founded Viaweb with Robert Morris. 

Only after a short while, Trevor Blackwell also joined the Viaweb team. 

Graham states that Viaweb can be considered the first application service provider. 

The software of Viaweb was written in Common Lisp, it provided its user the facility to make their own Internet stores.

In 1998, Ali Partovi recommended Viaweb to Jerry Yang.

This recommendation proved very fruitful for Paul Graham and Viaweb was sold to Yahoo! 

As a result of this deal, the owners of Viaweb got 455,000 shares of Yahoo! stock which had a total worth of $49.6 million. 

After this deal, Viaweb became Yahoo! Store.


Paul Graham’s essays on his website garnered international attention. 

One of his famous essays is the “Beating the Averages”, in this essay he has compared Lisp to other programming languages and also discussed a hypothetical programming language “The Bulb paradox”. 

He discussed the life of nerds in high school in his essay “Why Nerds are Unpopular”. 

O’Reilly Media published his essays and named the collection “Hackers and Painters”. 

In this collection, there is also an article that discusses the growth of Viaweb and what are the advantages of Lisp according to Paul Graham. 

In 2008, Graham wrote “How To Disagree” which explains how a person should disagree without being mean while keeping people happy. 

He explained the hierarchy of disagreement as a pyramid.

Paul Graham loves to write and has often mentioned that writing is very important in generating new ideas. 

Arc Programming Language

In 2001, Paul Graham told the world that he was working on a new programming language, which he called “Arc”. 

Arc was finally released on 29 January 2008. 

Some internal projects at Y Combinator are written in Arc. 

The Hacker News web forum and news aggregator program are also written in Arc. 

Graham has also written a number of essays that describe the specifications of this language. 

Y Combinator

Paul Graham is an entrepreneur who has always appreciated startups. 

In 2005, he gave a talk at the Harvard Computer Society about how to start a startup, his talk was also published later. 

Paul Graham founded Y Combinator along with Jessica Livingstone, Trevor Blackwell, and Robert Morris. 

Y Combinator provides seed money to startups and it gives special priority to youngsters. 

It has made investments in more than 3,000 startups. 

Some of the famous startups supported by Y Combinator are Reddit,, Dropbox, Xobni, Stripe, and Airbnb. 

In 2008, Paul Graham was included in the list of “The 25 Most Influential People on the Web” by BusinessWeek. 

Graham left his daily job at Y Combinator in February 2014. 

In 2019, Graham declared that he is writing another dialect of Lisp and called it “Bel”.

Personal Life

Paul Graham married Jessica Livingstone in 2008 and they have two children. 

He happily lives with his family in England. 

Paul Graham has kept his personal life quite private. 

He has not shared a lot of details about his children and wife with the media.

Graham has a charismatic personality and he gives attention to his physical health. 


Paul Graham has not disclosed his exact earnings to the public.

Nonetheless, Paul Graham has amassed his wealth and fortune through his blogs, Y Combinator, and Hacker News, among other sources.

Paul Graham is also a shareholder of Yahoo stores, he gets a good amount of wealth from there too. 

He also gets income from the companies in which his organization has invested. 

He has also written several books which contribute to his net worth.


So there you have it folks!

No doubt, Paul Graham has made a valuable contribution to the programming world. 

His thirst for education took him to different universities and he has several degrees related to science, philosophy, and arts. 

His organization Y Combinator has helped many talented people to pursue their dreams.

One of his big achievements was his startup Viaweb which was acquired by Yahoo. 

During his career, he developed the programming language Lisp and is still working on its dialects. 

All of these accomplishments have contributed to Paul Graham’s net worth. 

Now that you know more about Paul Graham’s net worth, good luck with your research!

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