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Sadhguru Net Worth (In 2022: Can You Guess)

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Sadhguru Net Worth

Sadhguru, also known as Jagadish Vasudev, was born on September 3, 1957, and is an Indian yogi master and spiritualist. 

Since 1982, he has indeed been practicing yoga across southern India. 

He founded the Isha Foundation in Coimbatore in 1992, which runs an ashram, yoga center, and educational programs. 

Vasudev has written many books and is a regular guest at international conferences.

For his services in social welfare, he won the Padma Vibhushan, which is, Currently the second civilian honor, in 2017.

Vasudev went to Mysore’s Demonstration School and Mahajana’s Pre-University College for his education. 

He earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Mysore.

During his career, he has amassed a significant fortune to the tune of $25 million.

Keep reading as I will break down his career and tell you how he earned his wealth.

Net Worth$25,000,000
DOBSep 3, 1957
Born InIndia
ProfessionYoga Guru

Early Life

Jagadish Vasudev was born on September 3, 1957, in Mysore, Karnataka, India.

He is the son of Susheela Vasudev, the housewife, and spouse of B.V. Vasudev, a doctor at Mysuru Railway Clinic, who has five children. 

As a young boy, Vasudev began taking yoga classes with Malladihalli Raghavendra when he was thirteen years old, despite having no spiritual goals. 

Vasudev’s initial venture was a chicken farm he started with borrowed funds in a rural section of Mysore.

Whilst establishing the farm, he also started a construction firm called Buildaids.

He loaned his enterprises to a buddy at the age of 25 and went traveling for a year. 

Vasudev’s principal motivation for launching a business for him was to support his community to explore and discover.

He gave his first yoga lesson at Mysore in 1983. 

Later, he started teaching yoga sessions throughout Karnataka, including Hyderabad, commuting by motorbike, surviving on the fruit of his rented chicken farm, and contributing the funds.

Vasudev embarked on a hundred-day, thirty thousand-kilometer motorbike journey throughout Europe and the Middle East in 2022 to advocate “rescue soil” from pollution.

Isha Foundation

The Isha Foundation is a non-profit company devoted to spiritual, environmental, and educational activities.

Vasudev founded the Isha Foundation, a religious and academic organization based in Coimbatore, in 1992 as a forum for his religious and academic pursuits. 

Until now, he has served as its leader. 

Under that same name, “Isha Yoga,” the group conducted yoga programs and is “nearly exclusively” administered by volunteers. 

Writings and Speeches

Inner Engg: A Yogi’s Journey to Happiness and Vengeance and A Yogi’s Manual to Shaping Your Future are two of Vasudev’s publications that have reached the Best books list in the New York Times. 

Mystic’s Reflections and Fatality: An Inside Account are two further books written by Vasudev. 

He is a regular speaker scheduled to speak at the United Nations International Global Peace Forum, the British Parliament, the Massachusetts University of Technology, and the International Center for Management Development, among other renowned discussion boards and workshops around the world. 

From 2007 to 2017 through 2020, he presented at the annual Summit for an economic forum.

Personal life

Vasudev met Vijaya Kumari in Mysuru in 1984, according to his memories. 

In 1990, the couple married and then had a daughter. 

Kumari passed away on January 22, 1997, at Isha Yoga Institute. 

Her parents filed a police report claiming dowry abuse towards Vasudev.

Radhe Jaggi, his daughter, is indeed a Bharatanatyam performer. 

In 2014, she married Sandeep Narayan, a classical performer living in Chennai.

Honors and Awards

Vasudev was honored by Vibhushan, currently the second-largest civilian honor, in 2017 for his contributions to the realm of religion. 

In 2012, he was ranked 92nd on The Indian Press’ 100 most prominent Indians list and forty-first on India Today’s fifty most potent Indians list in 2019.

Views and Thoughts

Many detractors claim that Jaggi Vasudev embraces the Hindu nationalism philosophy of the Bjp and takes a “hateful nationalist” tone during his speaking engagements.

He calls for an outright ban on ritual slaughter and compares Muslim rule throughout India to the British Raj, calling it an “oppressive occupation” that was even worse. 

Vasudev has spoken out in support of the 2019 Balakot airstrike, the comprehensive GST, as well as the Citizenship (Amendment) Law, 2019, whilst decrying the Thoothukudi demonstrations as a threat to business. 

Vasudev has charged leftist liberals with aiding terrorism in Kashmir and urged Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid, well-known for their roles inside the JNU sedition issue, to be imprisoned. 

His political and historical knowledge has been called into doubt on several occasions.

Vasudev has been blamed for causing pseudoscience as well as misleading the public about science. 

He spreads the myth claiming cooked food ingested during a moon eclipse saps the human body’s energy, which is refuted by science. 

In addition, despite mercury’s high toxicity, he spreads various fallacies about chronic depression and condemns any prospective limitation on its use in conventional Indian healthcare. 

His theories about the Higgs boson and the supposed advantages of vibhuti have indeed been dismissed by scientists as unfounded.

Net Worth and Income

According to Forbes, in 2018 Sadhguru had a net worth of $16 million.

As of the writing of this post, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $25 million.

Although Sadhguru does not have a lot of assets in his personal name, his fortune comes largely from his ownership of the Isha Foundation.

According to Yahoo Finance, in 2019, Isha Foundation had approximately $16 to $17 million in cash and assets.

His foundation focuses on yoga and meditation programs and is operated by volunteers.

It appears that he has over 9.1 million volunteers around the world.

According to different sources, he appears to own a Mercedez Benz G63 AMG and other vehicles.

He also has an important collection of dirt bikes and motorcycles.

As the founder of the Isha Foundation, it appears that he is not paid a salary directly.

However, he has still been able to purchase very luxurious vehicles and other assets.


So there you have it folks!

Jagadish Vasudev, known by the honorific title Sadhguru, is an Indian yoga guru and a proponent of spirituality.

Since 1982, he has indeed been practicing and teaching yoga in India. 

Sadhguru founded the Isha Foundation in 1992, which runs an ashram, yoga center, and educational programs. 

During his career, he has been able to amass a significant fortune although he appears to live very simply.

Considering that he is highly famous and has a lot of following, it is expected that his fortune will continue to grow through his foundation.

Now that you know how much Sadhguru has in net worth, good luck with your research!

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