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The Most Expensive Accordion (In 2022: Can You Guess?)

Looking for The Most Expensive Accordion?

What is the Most Expensive Accordion out there?

Can you guess what it is?

Keep reading as we have gathered exactly the information that you need!

Let me tell you all about the Most Expensive Accordion!

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The Most Expensive Accordion

An accordion is a box-shaped musical instrument that produces melodious sounds when the accordionist plays on its keyboard while compressing and expanding the main bellows. 

Accordions are also known as squeezeboxes. 

This instrument was first developed in 1800 in Germany but it became very popular in North America when folk singers started using it in the 1950s. 

Accordions are available in variable designs and prices. 

Some are quite affordable but some are unbelievably expensive. 

The quality of the accordion depends on the craftsmanship used while manufacturing it. 

Quality, unique features, and the manufacturing company all contribute to making an accordion expensive. 

If you are wondering which is the most expensive accordion in the world then keep reading this article to know about the most expensive accordion worldwide, its special features, and its manufacturers.

What Is The Most Expensive Accordion

An accordion’s price depends on how famous are its manufacturers. 

Some companies are well-known for their premium quality accordions. 

The choice of materials used in its construction also increases its worth. 

If the sound produced by the accordion is extraordinary then accordionists will happily pay a high price to get their hands on it. 

Now you must be curious to know about the most expensive accordion in the world. 

Let’s not make you wait anymore! 

Currently, the most expensive accordion all around the world is the Pigini Mythos and its price is $40,000 so it means it will cost you a fortune if you want to play this accordion. 

Pigini is a very big name when it comes to the manufacturing of accordions. 

The Pigini Mythos is famous for the rich velvety sound that it produces. It has unmatchable craftsmanship and high-quality materials are used to achieve perfection.

Why Is The Accordion So Expensive

Several factors contribute to the high price of the Pigini Mythos. 

It is a masterpiece because an expert team from Pigini collaborated with the greatest accordionists in the world to design and develop it. 

Pigini is a huge brand of accordions in Italy and its accordions are used worldwide because of the expert craftsmanship involved in their manufacturing. 

So, just the name “Pigini” is a good enough reason for the high cost of Mythos. 

The accordion is not a simple musical instrument, it has a lot of intricate details that are responsible for its complexity. 

It is used by artists to do a one-man show because it has several functions and can produce various tones. 

During the manufacturing of Mythos, each detail was crafted with extreme attention, to produce music that touches every soul. 

High-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of its inner parts. 

The box and the bellows systems are incredible. 

Whoever has heard music from the Mythos agrees that its price is justified and musicians also approve that there is no other accordion like the Pigini Mythos in the world. 

So we can say that it is a piece of art that is a dream of every accordionist. 

Most Expensive Accordion Features

The Pigini Mythos was built from 1991 to 2011 and the company decided that after the manufacturing of 33 pieces they will stop the production of the Mythos. 

Hence, when 33 pieces were completed in 2011 the manufacturing of the Mythos stopped. 

The collaboration of Pigini and exceptional artists from all around the world resulted in the brilliant features of the Mythos. 

Following are some of the amazing features which make it the king of all accordions:

  • It has more than 10,000 individual parts crafted with excellence
  • It has premium quality 442Hz handmade reed plates
  • The treble has 1880 individual parts in it
  • The bass section has 3200 parts
  • In the tonal section, it has 4170 parts
  • It has amazing voice control as it can produce both melodious soft tones and powerful high notes

These features explain that the Pigini Mythos worth is explicable. 

The Pigini Company designed it, especially for its personally known customers. 

As there are only 33 pieces of this accordion, its value will keep increasing with time. 

Musicians from all around the world crave to play this exceptional instrument and its concerts are jammed packed with people who have a love for music. 

About The Accordion Maker

Pigini is an Italian company that builds accordions with compassion and love for its loyal customers. 

The accordions produced by Pigini are not just musical instruments rather they are considered art pieces throughout the world. 

Pigini has a strong history, it started operations on 6th June 1946. 

It is considered to be one the most reliable company that manufactures flawless accordions that musicians keep close to their hearts. 

Right from the start, Pigini started exporting its accordions to various countries like Canada, Sweden, the USA, Pakistan, Denmark, Argentina, and Egypt. 

Now, Pigini exports its marvelous accordions throughout the world. 

Pigini has also played a major role in the evolution of this instrument by continuously experimenting on its accordions. 

Especially for the Pigini Mythos which is known as the most expensive accordion in the world, Pigini teamed up with the greatest musicians in the world to produce a masterpiece. 

The connection between accordions and Pigini is unbreakable as it is still working to produce more miraculous accordions. 

Right now Pigini is selling more than 200 models and its accordions are exported to 42 countries. 

No doubt, the role of Pigini in the history of accordions is undeniable.


So there you have it folks!

An accordion is an intricate musical instrument that requires a lot of effort and attention to detail during its manufacturing. 

That is why you will find the prices of accordions manufactured by famous brands to be astonishingly high. 

But now we know that the most expensive accordion “the Pigini Mythos” is an incredible instrument and its complex craftsmanship explains why it is so costly. 

If you are a man or woman who has taste and budget then the Pigini Mythos is an instrument that you should definitely collect. 

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