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The Most Expensive Beer (In 2022: Can You Guess?)

Looking for the Most Expensive Beer?

What is the Most Expensive Beer out there?

Can you guess which it is?

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The Most Expensive Beer

Most people expect to pay for a beer approximately $5 or, if they prefer craft beer, probably up to $10 on draft. Even though most beers are cheap, there are a lot of beers that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That’s the case of our favorite, most expensive beer: BrewDog The End of History.

BrewDog, The End of History, was released by a Scottish brewery roughly fifteen years ago at approximately $1,000 per bottle. Each bottle was packed into a one-of-a-kind taxidermy item like a squirrel or rabbit.

But if you think $1,000 per bottle was expensive, the beer came back in 2016 at the cost of $20,000 per bottle. This jaw-dropping price was established to fund a BrewDog brewery in Ohio, which, amazingly, they accomplished.

So what makes BrewDog The End Of History so unique? Well, keep reading to learn everything about the most expensive beer worldwide.

About The Most Expensive Beer

The most expensive beer is the BrewDog the End of History at a whopping $20,000 per bottle.

That’s right, if you are not concerned with the jaw-dropping price tag of $20,000, you can enjoy the BrewDog The End of History beer next time you have your friends over.

Here is the most expensive beer:


Why This Beer Is the Most Expensive

BrewDog, The End Of History, is a collectors’ blond Belgian-style beer. It’s fabricated using Scottish Highlands’ nettles and juniper berries as flavorings.

The name comes from the world-renowned philosopher Francis Fukuyama according to the manufacturer. After all, “this is to beer what democracy is to history.”

Suppose you’re lucky enough to find one bottle and willing to spend a massive amount of money. In that case, you can expect a floral, grapefruit, caramel, and clove flavor magnified by alcohol heat. This beer is 55% stronger than most whiskeys, a dream for beer lovers. 

The End of History is a limited-edition beer as only 12 bottles were produced. Beer experts recommend savoring it in small servings due to its strong flavor and high levels of alcohol.

Each bottle is exclusively crafted using animals such as squirrels, hare, and stoats who have died from natural causes. These animals are remodeled by a professional taxidermist in Doncaster, so no bottle is the same. There are only seven stoats, four squirrels, and one hare, and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity.

According to co-founder James Watt, The End of History pushes brewing and beer packaging to the extreme. This is the beer to test your limits. It’s a bold blend of singularity, talent, and disobedience, transforming the overall beer knowledge one bottle at a time.

A decade ago, The End Of History was available to buy in the UK at approximately $700 (£500) per bottle and 55% ABV. But accomplishing its alcohol content was challenging as the manufacturers used a freezing technique to separate the water from the solution.

The process was repeated several times to produce a 330ml bottle. Hundreds of beer liters need to be reduced to achieve this alcohol content. 

Enjoying The Most Expensive Beer

BrewDog’s primary goal for creating The End of History was to confront people’s ideas about beer and how it can be served. They want to present an alternative to generic beers and induce people to enjoy and love craft beer.

The End of History contains a perfect blend of ingredients: Malt extra pale, Hops such as Nelson Sauvin, Centennial, Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo and Centennial, and Wyeast. Due to its strong flavor, we recommend food pairing with:

  • Roasted wood pigeon with black pudding
  • Pan-seared venison filet with juniper sauce
  • Apricot coconut cake

Remember, you must enjoy the most expensive beer at -70°C. 

About The Manufacturer

BrewDog was established in 2007 as a great Scottish craft beer company. Martin Dickie and James Watt are the founders and are considered the most influential craft beer brewers worldwide. Together they manage multiple bars in the UK and around the world.

In 2008, this leading craft beer company was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at Scotland’s National Business Awards. Additionally, its Paradox Grain beer achieved a gold medal in the 2008 World Beer Cup in the wood and barrel-aged strong beer classification. In 2010, its Hardcore IPA also won gold in the Imperial IPA variety.

According to BrewDog founders, the company was born as a bold, top-quality choice for those beer lovers bored of the industrialized brewed lagers that dominate the market. James and Martin were convinced that the best way to solve this issue was to create their beers.

The company is determined to make excellent, ultramodern, and evolving beers producing the world’s best classic beer types—all with state-of-the-art production and traditional BrewDog twist.

As part of Brewdog’s commitment to a greener planet in 2021, they started developing their anaerobic digestion plant. They also opened the most renewable and sustainable beer club, BrewDog & Friends, in the UK and now are offering franchising opportunities worldwide.

This crafted beer company is focused on the planet. It will continue to expand its efforts in creating a better place for everyone to live in. 

World’s Most Expensive Beer Takeaways 

So there you have it folks!

What Is The Most Expensive Beer

BrewDog The End Of History

As of the writing of this post, BrewDog The End of Historywill cost you $20,000 for the bottle!

BrewDog’s The End of History is a beer that pushes your limits. It’s not only a limited edition, but it contains all the factors of a premium beer.

Year after year, this crafted beer company has continued to redefine beer. With its high-quality ingredients and inspiring flavor, The End of History is delicious. If you have the opportunity to take a sip, do it!

The quality of this beer doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth it.

Remember, beer quality begins with premium ingredients. That’s why it’s not surprising that you can smell its potent flavor from a mile away—the unmistakable smell of the world’s most expensive beer.

BrewDog started as a small crafted-beer company to brew the best beer in the world. And now, a decade later, James and Martin can proudly say, “we did it.”

If you want to taste this 55% alcoholic blond Belgian beer, you can expect to pay quite a lot of money. It’s incredibly challenging to find this ultra-limited beer collection made using innovative freezing techniques and presenting traces of juniper berries, mead, and nettles.Of course, as the world’s most expensive beer, you’ll be amazed by its unique packaging as it’s inside a taxidermied animal. Seriously, it’s a piece of art!

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