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Xi Jinping Net Worth (In 2022: Can You Guess)

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Xi Jinping Net Worth

Xi Jinping is a Chinese politician who is serving china as its highest-ranking political official. 

Xi Jinping’s net worth is $1 million

However, some sources claim that Xi Jinping has a net worth in excess of $1 billion acquired over the many years he has exercised control over China.

Since Jinping’s financial information are private, it is difficult to validate such claims, however.

Xi Jinping has many important roles to play, he is the president of China, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission. 

His political career is quite impressive and he has worked hard to achieve the distinctive roles he is playing right now. 

During his tenure, China has made remarkable progress, especially his disciplinary measures are inspiring for other countries. 

Jinping has brought many reforms and his aggressive foreign policy is notable on the international level. 

Net Worth$1,000,000
DOBJune 15, 1953
Born InChina

Early Life

Xi Jinping faced many hardships in his early life. 

He was born on June 15, 1953, in a political family. 

He was the second son of the family. 

His mother was Qi Xin and his father was Xi Zhongxun. 

His father was the chairman of the Chinese Communist party so he learned a lot about politics from his father during his childhood.  

Xi Jinping went to Beijing No.25 School and later went to Beijing Bayi School. 

When Xi was just 10 years old, his father was removed from the organization. 

Mao’s Cultural Revolution brought many disturbing events in Xi Jinping’s early life. 

His schooling stopped because of the political scenario and his family was exiled to rural Yanchuan County. During this time, one of his sisters was murdered. 

In 1968, his father was captured and sent to prison. 

Xi was forced to work on a farm while his father was in prison. 

During his rural life, he didn’t give up on politics and joined CCP as a party secretary. 

Xi didn’t want to spend his whole life in the village so he ran to Beijing and joined the Communist Youth League of China in 1971. 

After three years he finally got accepted into the Communist Party. 

He also attended college in Beijing in 1974 and studied chemical engineering at Tsinghua University. 

He graduated from there in 1979. 

In 1998 he studied Marxism at the same university and became a doctorate in law and ideology. 

Political Career

Although Xi was in politics from a very early age, his rise started in 1979 when he started working as a secretary for Geng Biao. 

Geng Bao had a very strong relationship with Xi’s father as he was his father’s subordinate during his political career. 

Geng Biao was Vice Premier and Secretary-General of the Central Military Commission when Xi worked under him. 

In 1982, Xi became the deputy party secretary of Zhengding County and after one year he got a promotion and became secretary. 

Xi Jinping’s regional political career went great from 1982 to 2007 as he was given secretarial positions in four different provinces. 

The provinces in which he served were Hebei, Fujian, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. 

He kept excelling in his political career and in 2007 he was appointed to the CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee. 

He also became the first secretary of the Central Secretariat during that time. 

The next year he was informally chosen as China’s new paramount leader. 

In 2009 he became the Vice President of China and Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission. 

President Of China

In 2012 Xi Jinping became one of the most powerful people in China, he was selected as the General Secretary of the Communist Party and Chairman of the Central Military Commission. 

This made him the most influential leader of China and soon in 2013, he became the President of China. 

From the time Xi Jinping became president, he has disciplined his party extraordinarily and he has restricted the workers from taking any personal advantages over the common people. 

He launched the anti-corruption campaign which helped in catching many disloyal and corrupt officials who were spoiling the rights of the people of China. 

He has also enforced censorship in China to disable internet users from watching any prohibited content. 

He has effective surveillance over the internet and social platforms. 

Due to his strict policies, he is considered to be a dictator. 

To increase his power he became the chairman of the National Security Committee. 

In 2018 he removed the limitations of time from the role of president and vice president. 

As a result of this, he also prolonged his tenure as president of China. 

International Relations

Xi Jinping has given special attention to international relations and his foreign policy is considered very aggressive worldwide. He wants the world to see China as a nationalistic state. 

His policies for North Korea and Japan cannot be considered friendly but he improved relations with South Korea and Russia. 

The relationship between China and the United States is also not considered smooth, especially during the election of Donald Trump in 2016 it went through many ups and downs. 

The trade war between China and the United States is increasing with every passing year. 

Economic Reforms

There is no doubt that Xi Jinping has brought several reforms to China which have added to China’s prosperity. 

He has implemented many economic reforms that have helped flourishing businesses in China. 

He restructured state-owned enterprises to increase market competition. 

Xi also removed China’s famous one-child policy. 

He has given equal attention to the military and has worked hard for the betterment of the military department. 

He has applied strict regulations throughout the country and there are huge fines for the people who do not obey the law. 

Coronavirus Controversy

One of the biggest challenges Xi Jinping faced during his rule was coronavirus. 

It started in 2019 in the city of Wuhan. 

The government tried to confine it within the city but failed in this effort as the virus has already crossed the borders. 

More than 900 people died of coronavirus in China. 

Xi was criticized internationally for not dealing with the virus truthfully in the beginning. 

He was also blamed for its worldwide spread. 

But soon the government got hold of the pandemic and within a few months, there was a major decrease in new cases of coronavirus. 

Xi Jinping’s Earning

As the president of China, Xi Jinping receives an annual salary of $22,000. 

Most of his needs are met by the state so he has a comfortable lifestyle. 

Xi Jinping’s net worth is $1 million but there are reports that he might have much more than this because his assets are not public. 

His family has also a generous amount of wealth because of the number of shares they have in a Chinese company that is public. 

His family is also into real estate and it is said that they have benefited from Xi Jinping’s powers to increase the family wealth. 

Personal Life

In 1979 Xi Jinping married Ke Lingling who was the daughter of the Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom. 

This marriage lasted until 1982 and then they got divorced. 

After five years Xi married again with Peng Liyuan. 

She is a Chinese folk singer and also a fashion trendsetter. 

They have a daughter named Xi Mingze who has graduated from Harvard University. 

Since her graduation, she has kept her personal life very private and there are no updates related to her in the media. 

Xi Jinping has a family home in Beijing’s Jade Spring Hill area.


So there you have it folks!

Xi Jinping is a strong personality in the history of China and is considered to have $1 million in net worth.

However, according to certain sources, his true net worth is estimated to be astronomical, exceeding the $1 billion threshold. 

We cannot validate such claims but it could be argued that as the President of China for many years, Xi Jinping may have amassed a fortune that could be well over $1 million.

He had a difficult start but with his determination and passion he kept on fighting with his circumstances. 

Xi Jinping’s net worth is the result of his hard work and consistency. 

China is surely on the road to progress during his rule.

Now that you know how much Xi Jinping is worth, good luck with your research!

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